A Few Words About Me

The Basics

Hello and welcome to my website! If you've made it this far, you can probably guess that my name is Mike (Michael) Walsh, and I am a real, live human being!

I was born and raised in Westmont, Illinois in the noth-centeral part of the United States, for the first 30 or so years of my life.  During my time at the University, I also had the opportunity to spend 3 months in the south-central part of Chile, in a city called San Pedro de la Paz (Which is next to Concepción, an even larger city).

This would prove to be a very important detail up until now in this story called life.

While I was in the University, I also became fascinated with the World Wide Web. In the really early years - we're talking 1997 - I remember going to the basement of the dormitory where I lived and searching for "How to create a website" on the internet. Since I was a poor university student without money or credit cards, the only hosting I could access was ...*gasp*... GeoCities (I hang my head in shame).

Little by little, as the years passed by, I became more adept at designing, and coding. While everyone else was going out to the bars, I was taking my first steps in learning PHP...

I also discovered that, once I learn how to do something, I thoroughly enjoy explaining (or enjoy explaining thoroughly.....) how it works to other people. This is where the "pedagogical love" part of my education comes in, I suppose.  Well, once the university part of life was over, it took a few years to figure out what (or where) I wanted to do this "life" thing. So I took the crazy decision to move to Chile.

"Down Under" Sans Kangaroos

The actual process of moving to Chile was looooong. It involved sleeping (somewhat) in the Atlanta airport, discovering there was a small problem with my air ticket which almost left me stranded, and - of course - the 14-hour flight with all my possesions.

But once I arrived in Chile, things got better quickly. I started working in an institue in the city of Chillán, which connected me to many wonderful people (including my wife). And 2 years later our child was born!  =)

A strange turn of events led me to start working with TeachingChile, the company that provided me a foothold in Chile. I began by working freelance on periodic website updates, while also working some freelance work on the side under the name Imaginalgo. and joined the team at the start of 2012. This was my first taste of "remote work".  At the same time I wrapped up work at a language institute in Valdivia - to present it has been the last job I was required to "go to".

Career Shift

I was soon sought out by another language institute which offered me the chance to teach classes via the internet - I continued with both of these remote jobs for the next several years.  In 2017 I began work with Optuno as a Web Designer and later as a Project Manager, which I continue to enjoy to the present.